Professional Boiler Replacement North London

At Squires and Duran, we have been offering our boiler replacement service around the North London area for many years. As boiler specialists we are able to provide expert advice to ensure your replacement boiler meets your needs. With a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers, who are prepared to install a new boiler replacement our engineers will always replace your boilers with a more energy efficient model.

At Squires and Duran we promise that we will always go that extra mile for our customers and guarantee all the work our plumbers undertake is carried out using only top quality parts to ensure the highest level of service is given to our customers.

If you are located in North London and are in need of a boiler replacement, then be sure to get in touch with Squires and Duran today. Our highly trained team can replace all makes and models of boilers and with years of experience, you’re in the safest of hands.

Boiler Replacement Finchley
Boiler Replacements Finchley

Replacement Boilers

Whenever we carry out boiler replacements for our clients based in North London, we ensure they are fitted with a high-quality boiler. All of the boiler replacements we carry out are to the highest of standards and are carried out by fully trained and highly skilled engineers.

Our qualified engineers have years of experience within the industry, we have enhanced and developed all of the skills needed to ensure you receive a professional and efficient boiler replacement. Carrying out boiler replacements throughout the North London area have given us a reputable reputation for the work in which we carry out.

Why You Might Need a Boiler Replacement

There comes a time when your boiler will need replacing, whether it be because it’s too old, isn’t functioning correctly or your boiler may have been condemned. Some of the most common reasons for replacing boilers are;

  • Aged – Boilers older than 15 years old typically need replacing as maintenance and repairs become much more difficult to carry out
  • Efficiency – Boilers below and ‘A’ efficiency rating could be costing you more money, by replacing it with a more energy efficient boiler can help to save money
  • Frequent Repairs – If your boiler needs repairing frequently then it might be more cost effective in the long run than to have it replaced.
  • Condemned – Many people buy properties to find problems with the boilers which leads to them being condemned and needing replacing

If you are looking for more information on our boiler replacement services or if you are wanting your boiler replaced then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today.

Replacement Boiler Finchley
Finchley Boiler Replacement

Replacing Your Boiler

No matter what the reason may be, eventually your boiler will need replacing. At Squires and Duran, we will ensure you are fitted with a brand-new energy efficient boiler. If you are based in North London and you choose our team of highly trained engineers to carry out your boiler installation we will arrange a day and time that is suitable for you. From expert advice to completed boiler replacement, we have all your needs covered.

As specialised engineers, we pride ourselves in offering high quality replacement boilers to our customers throughout North London. Each boiler we install is of the highest standard and sourced from several leading brands in the industry. We also offer competitive prices for most of the services that we provide.

Common Problems with Boilers

At Squires and Duran we will always try our best to repair the boiler within your property, sometimes your boiler can be beyond repair and will need replacing. Having years of experience in the boiler and central heating industry we’ve came across a range of problems, either big or small there isn’t a problem in which we cannot fix.
These problems can include;

  • Motor Failure
  • Ignition Issues
  • Valve Issues
  • Pressure Problems
  • Broken Thermostats
  • Leaking Pipes

We are always on hand to help when our customers in North London need a new boiler replacement. Our team of fully qualified engineers are always on call to attend any issues ranging from gas boiler breakdown to replacements. With Squires and Duran, you don’t need to have to commit to an annual contract and we are more than happy to work with customers for a one off or as a long-term contract.

Contact Squires and Duran for Boiler Replacements in North London

If you are in need of boiler replacements in North London, then be sure to get in touch with Squires and Duran Plumbing & Heating. We offer a countless range of replacement boilers from several well-known brands. With years of experience in the industry, we have developed all the skills and knowledge needed to provide professional and efficient boiler replacements.

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